Human Geosciences(H)
Session Sub-categoryGeography
Session IDH-GG01
TitleUse, change, management of natural resources and environment: Interdisciplinary perspectives
Short TitleNatural resources and environment
Main ConvenerNameTakahisa Furuichi
AffiliationGraduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University
Co-Convener 1NameToru Sasaki
AffiliationMiyagi University of Education
Co-Convener 2NameGen Ueda
AffiliationGraduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University
Co-Convener 3NameYoshinori OTSUKI
AffiliationInstitute of Geography, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University
Session LanguageJJ
Scope(Language of the session is Japanese and English with no priority.) In this session, the situation and history of use, changes and management of natural resources and environment from various regions under diverse socio-economic and natural conditions are reported. Findings from local-scale fieldwork and feedbacks on their methodology and/or research concepts are particularly encouraged to be shared and discussed. A variety of research topics are covered through both human-ecological and earth-scientific perspectives, including local knowledge of natural resources and environment, environmental and climatic history, environmental geography, environmental degradation through resource use and/or management, effects of climate change, related socio-economic changes and adaptation for livelihood security, political ecology, and issues for overcoming gaps in linking between local and broader-scale (national, regional and global) studies.
Presentation FormatOral and Poster presentation
Invited Authors
  • Takayuki Kurashima (ASAFAS, Kyoto Univ.)
Time Presentation No Title Presenter Abstract
Oral Presentation May 20 AM1
09:00 - 09:15 HGG01-01Whose a agricultural land ?- A viewpoint to the ownership and use of agricultural landToru Sasaki Abstract
09:15 - 09:30 HGG01-02Customer Satisfaction and Perception Survey-based on Qingling Zhongnanshan UNESCO Global Geopark, ChinaLiang Chang Abstract
09:30 - 09:45 HGG01-03The study of changes in the land use of the waterside lands in the middle basin of the Arakawa River and the associated factorsYazawa Yuriko Abstract
09:45 - 10:00 HGG01-04A community-based open governance approach to waterweed recycling in the Lake Biwa catchmentYasuhisa Kondo Abstract
10:00 - 10:15 HGG01-05Localization of Protected Areas System and Formation of "Periphery" - from cases in IndiaKoichi Kimoto Abstract
10:15 - 10:30 HGG01-06Elucidating inconvenient realities and then pursuing better pathways: A shock treatment for current retrogressive REDD+ demonstration projectsTakayuki Kurashima Abstract
Presentation No Title Presenter Abstract
Poster Presentation May 20 Core Time
HGG01-P01 A Study on Morizum Existent in Everyday Life and Nature Qiongying Xiang Abstract
HGG01-P02 Economic significance of premature harvesting for farm forestry smallholders in the Mount Meru area, Tanzania Gen Ueda Abstract
HGG01-P03 Function changes of premises forests in agricultural village, Iki island, Western Japan Miho Ishizaka Abstract
HGG01-P04 Survey method for small-scale fishing activities using GPS Ayumu Matsui Abstract
HGG01-P05 Developing gully erosion network map and analyzing of 2-time series variation of gully erosion for environmental conservation, effectively using satellite imageries in west part of Inle lake in Myanmar Asuka Wachi Abstract
HGG01-P06 Natural Resources in Semi-arid Pastoral Area, Central Kenya: Change of Plant Production during Past 30 Years Yoshinori OTSUKI Abstract