Human Geosciences(H)
Session Sub-categoryComplex & General
Session IDH-CG30
TitleClosed bio-ecosystems in extraterrestrial environments
Short TitleClosed bio-ecosystems
Main ConvenerNameKaori Tomita-Yokotani
AffiliationFaculty of Life and Environmental Sciences University of Tsukuba
Co-Convener 1NameShunta Kimura
AffiliationGraduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Session LanguageJJ
ScopeResearchers in this session have been studying useful life-support systems in closed bio-ecosystems since 2011. The final goal of our studies is to inhabit in extraterrestrial environments. Biological and technical systems in closed systems include the wide research field. We have to discuss with the researches in a wide range generation because the results produced by us have to inherit to our next generation.
Presentation FormatOral and Poster presentation
Invited Authors
  • Masanori Shinohara (Teikyo University of Science)
Time Presentation No Title Presenter Abstract
Oral Presentation May 20 PM1
13:45 - 13:50 HCG30-01Closed bio-ecosystems in extraterrestrial environments - Research progress and prospectsKaori Tomita-Yokotani Abstract
13:50 - 14:05 HCG30-02Low molecular-weight compounds contributing to the dry heat tolerance of the terrestrial cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. HK-01Shunta Kimura Abstract
14:05 - 14:20 HCG30-03Space environment-related genetic analysis of terrestrial cyanobacteriaHiroshi Katoh Abstract
14:20 - 14:35 HCG30-04Free amino acid composition of a terrestrial cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. HK-01
-Cyclical utilization as food resources in space-
Midori Ong Abstract
14:35 - 14:50 HCG30-05Utilization of trees, cyanobacteria, and regolith for habitation on MarsKaori Tomita-Yokotani Abstract
14:50 - 15:10 HCG30-06Lessons learned from biosphere experiments and what is required for expanding our activities into moon, mars, and beyond.Masanori Shinohara Abstract
Presentation No Title Presenter Abstract
Poster Presentation May 20 Core Time
HCG30-P01 Relationship between cell layer of Nostoc sp. HK-01 and tolerance against UV radiation Reiko Ajioka Abstract
HCG30-P02 Growth of tomato plants under microgravity Yuan Takase Abstract
HCG30-P03 Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities associated with Quercus acutissima in Satoyama. Satoko Chiba Abstract
HCG30-P04 Usefulness of wastewater treatment by activated sludge containing Bacillus Tomoko Abe Abstract