Solid Earth Sciences(S)
Session Sub CategorySeismology
Session IDS-SS12
TitleActive faults and paleoseismology
Short titleActive faults and paleoseismology
Main ConvenerNameMamoru Koarai
AffiliationEarth Science course, College of Science, Ibaraki University
Co-Convener 1NameNobuhiko Sugito
AffiliationFaculty of Humanity and Environment, Hosei University
Co-Convener 2NameNobuhisa Matsuta
AffiliationOkayama University Graduate School of Education
Co-Convener 3NameKen-ichi Yasue
AffiliationJapan Atomic Energy Agency
ScopeGeologic and historic information on seismic cycles and on the magnitude and source faults of past earthquakes is essential information to understand future large earthquakes. The study of past faulting and seismicity is an important issue for an interdisciplinary community of seismologists, geologists, geomorphologists, archaeologists, and historians.
Type of presentationOral and Poster presentation
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