Space and Planetary Sciences(P)
Session Sub CategorySolar-Terrestrial Sciences, Space Electromagnetism & Space Environment
Session IDP-EM11
TitleMesosphere-Thermosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Earth's Atmosphere
Short titleMTI Coupling
Main ConvenerNameLoren Chang
AffiliationInstitute of Space Science, National Central University
Co-Convener 1NameHuixin Liu
AffiliationEarth and Planetary Science Division, Kyushu University SERC, Kyushu University
Co-Convener 2NameAkinori Saito
AffiliationDepartment of Geophysics, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Co-Convener 3NameTzu-Wei Fang
ScopeVertical coupling mechanisms throughout the whole atmosphere are critical to understanding the near Earth space environment, as well as its sensitivity to the solar, geomagnetic, and atmospheric drivers. This international session focuses on physical/chemical processes occurring in the mesosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere (MTI) from both the poles to the equatorial region. Both quiet and disturbed states in response to lower atmospheric forcing or solar forcing are important for understanding the MTI system and its coupling to other regions. We invite presentations of observations and observational concepts with ground-based and/or space-borne instruments, theoretical studies, numerical simulations, and development of data analysis systems for various kinds of temporal and spatial variations in MTI system.
Type of presentationOral and Poster presentation
Invited authors Hanli Liu(National Center for Atmospheric Research. Boulder, CO, USA)
Delores Knipp(University of Colorado. Boulder, CO, USA)
Larisa Goncharenko(MIT Haystack Observatory)
Fabrizio Sassi(Naval Research Laboratory. USA.)
Martin Mlynczak(NASA Langley Research Center. Washington DC, USA.)
Tarun Pant(ISRO Space Physics Laboratory. India.)
Takuo Tsuda(University of Electro-Communications, Japan.)
Brett Carter(RMIT University, Australia)
Tetsu Yokoyama (NICT, Japan)