To presenters

Please check the date and time of your presentation on our website.
List of session  (**Abstract PDFs are to be released on our website on May 14, 2010.)

Information of addition, modification and cancellation of the program
      Contact in case of withdrawal and modification of your presentations.
Before JpGU Meeting 2010: Please be sure to mail   AND your session convener.
During JpGU Meeting 2010: Please be sure to inform the headquarters of JpGU Meeting 2010 as soon as possible. (Room 205 on the 2nd floor)
Please be sure to have contact with each session convener by yourself, too.
Time: From 9:00 to 17:30
Tel: +81-43-296-0001 (Makuhari Messe)
Please ask them to connect to Room No. 205.

      Information of Oral presentation
Only one LCD projector is prepared in each session room.
LCD projector has a changing over function and the next presenter can prepare before the presentation.
Presenters can check its operation during unoccupied time.
Please check the LCD projector before your presentation for the smooth management.
There's NO PC prepared in each session room.

      Information on Poster presentation
Venue: Convention Hall on the 2nd floor
 >> Poster layout
May 23 May 24 May 25 May 26 May 27
@(PDF file)

Poster presentation (time span): 10:00-19:30
Poster presentation (core time): in common 17:15-18:45    
Size of the board: 90cm(W) X 210cm(H)   
Pins are prepared at the poster presentation site.

** O-ED001:Pleaese refer to special website of "Presentations by high school students."
** Some sessions have their special core time zone.
** Poster presentation is from May 23, Sunday to 27, Thursday.
     There's NO poster presentation on May 28, Friday.
** There's NO power source at the poster presentation site.