【July 1, 2020】
We are extending the previously announced deadline of July 1 to July 6. You can continue to edit your iPoster(s) after clicking the PUBLISH button.

【July 1, 2020】
In this online meeting, your presentation is completed based on "creating and publishing iPoster". However, some people mistakenly believe that it is completed based on "abstract submission". Please note that your presentation is not completed only by "submitting abstract". Even those who have not started to create your iPoster after 1 July, your presentation will be completed if it is created and published by 8 July.
In this online meeting, furthermore, the “Letter of Invitation (LoI) of iPoster” is not sent to people who will give oral presentations in the Union session or Public session, because these presentations are completed without the iPoster.
The LoI of iPoster was sent around 12 June to people who submitted abstracts to regular sessions. However, we hear that a few people don’t receive the LoI of iPoster yet. In this case, it might go to your junk mail folder. Please check it again.

Thank you in advance your kind corporation.

【June 30, 2020】
Thank you for waiting!
The PUBLISH button is now activated.

Please note that there may be some time lag to reflect your registration status.

【June 24, 2020】
Currently, the iPoster system is in progress to solve the technical issue and establish the "Publish" function.
Due to this, the PUBLISH button is deactivated and the "unpaid" status is displayed to all users regardless of their meeting registration and payment.

We will announce you as soon as the Publish button is activated.

We are sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for your understanding.

【June 23, 2020】
Letter of Invitation(LoI) for iPoster creation has been send out on June 12.
The LoIs were sent to the email address that was registered on the system at the time of abstract submission.

【June 10, 2020】
The Letter of Invitation from aMuze! Interactive is delayed.
We will let you know when we have any updates.