Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences(A)
Session Sub-categoryOcean Sciences & Ocean Environment(OS)
Session IDA-OS26
TitleGlobal ocean observing systems, their recent status, research results and future directions
Short TitleGlobal ocean observing system
Main Convener NameShigeki Hosoda
AffiliationJapan Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Co-Convener 1NameShuhei Masuda
AffiliationJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Co-Convener 2NameYosuke Fujii
AffiliationMeteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency
Co-Convener 3NameFujiki Tetsuichi
AffiliationJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Session LanguageJ
ScopeOcean observing system has been grown up and is now at the turning point. The OceanObs19 was held in September 2019, which was discussed about status and questions of ocean observing system and their future direction in the next decade, introducing many fruitful research results. The importance of sustaining operating ocean observing systems such as Argo, GOSHIP and OceanSITE and expanding the observing system to other research fields or areas with improvement of technologies were discussed and highlighted, and then sustainably expanding and improving the global ocean observing systems were agreed with lots of researchers and users. Especially, since sustaining and expanding ocean observing systems are necessary to promote new researches and techniques based on a lot of accumulated data, developments of useful products for end users and efficiency investigations of the existing observing systems related to the Observing System Evaluations (OSEs) are recommended. On the other hand, there are still lacks of sharing knowledge and communications among observing communities, although creating such research and technical innovations must require collaborations among other communities and users. In this session, current status, recent research results, future works of the global/ basin-scale ocean observing systems will be discussed related to the context of OceanObs19, especially focusing on future directions of the oceanic observing system in coming next decade. Presentations and discussions of variable fields, areas, researches and techniques of the ocean are welcomed in this session.
Presentation FormatOral and Poster presentation