Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019
Dec 10, 2019: Call for Presenters of NEW Presentation Style "Social Media Presentation"
NEW Presentation Style "Social Media Presentation" in Trial!

JpGU introduces a new presentation style, "Social Media Presentation".
This new style offers a presentation opportunity to international scientists/ students from less wealthy countries to present their works in poster style using social medias without coming to the venue.

-Applicant must be a JpGU Member
(Nonmember ID, AGU members who used their AGU account to create JpGU ID and Assosiate Member ID do not apply)
- Applicant must be residing in less wealthy countries, as defined by the World Bank list of low-income and lower-middle-income countries.

Participation Criteria
-Presenters must have a proper internet connection to send the poster data to JpGU Office.
-Presenters should be reacheable by email in case of communication from JpGU Office.
-"POSTER" must be selected as a presentation format when submitting the abstract.
-Presenters must stay conneced during the date and time of their assigned poster core time(s).
-All required payments and tasks must be completed by each deadline.

Presentation Format
-This new presentation style is only applicable to POSTERs.
-If accepted, the poster will be printed and posted by JpGU. The "Social Media Presentation" sign is displayed in each poster board.
- Presenters may present, communicate and discuss with meeting attendees using social medias such as Skype and JpGU App.
*The device is provided and placed in front of the poster board.

Additional fee is required to this presentation style.
[Abstract submission fee: 3,420JPY] + [Registration fee (price depends on membership category)] + [administrative fee: 16,000JPY]

e.g. Graduate student: 3,420 yen (for abstract submission) + 7,560 yen (for one-day registration) +16,000 yen (for administrative fee)
=26,800 yen *tax included

Notes: Administrative fee includes poster printing and posting service and internet connection operating service.
-Only credit card payments are accepted.
If any trouble with using a credit card, please contact Payment issue contactbefore the deadline (Deadline: Feb 4).

[How the Scheme operates]

【Before Accepted】

(1) Submit your abstract and complete the payment.
(2) Submit the application using the designated form.[Deadline: Feb 4]
(3) JpGU will verify the personal information of the applicant for the eligibility.
(4) Applicants receive a notification via email from JpGU Office.
*If eligible, the payment details of the admission fee (16,000 JPY) will be sent.
(5) After the payment is cofirmed, JpGU notifies session conveners the applicant information.

(6) Conveners review the paper.
(7) Applicants receive notification of acceptance/ rejection.

【After Accepted】

(1) Accepted presenters must send the poster data in the requested format (PDF) by the deadline.
*Deadline to be announced later.
(2) Check the date and time of presentation and make sure to stay connected during the period.

Important Notes
-Consider carefully whether or not to put your personal information on the poster.
Posters will be disposed of in the same way as other printed materials.
-No multiple applications are accepted.
Applications for student travel support and Social Media Presentation are accepted at the same timing but only one can be submitted.
If applies for both, the application for travel support will be given priority and application for Social Media Presentation will automatically be invalid.
-Social Media Presentation is not eligible to Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA).
-If necessary, the certificate of presentation in Social Media is issued.

Cancellation Policy
- Abstracts can be withdrawn by the author until the abstract submission deadline (Feb 19 at 5:00pm JST). If cancelled by this date, the application for PPSM (Poster Presentation using Social Media) is automatically cancelled as well.
*Please note that the abstract submission fee is a non-refundable process fee and will not be refund once its paid. - After the abstract submission period is close, the presentation is published on the program.
If the presenter becomes unavailable to give a presentation, please contact session conveners using the designated form.