Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019
Nov. 1, 2018: Important notes on the JpGU Privacy Policy Revision of September 2018
Announcement of Privacy Policy Revision on 2018 Sep 03

Your affirmative consent is required to continue our services to JpGU Members and Meeting Participants that use your personal information in compliance with the Amended Act of the Protection of Personal Information (2017 May) and the General Data Protection Regulation (2018 May).

Such services include:
-Sending email-news or other notices of JpGU meetings to your personal address
-Mailing JpGU Geoscience Letters (JGL) to your personal address
-Using members information to process Session proposals or Abstracts submissions, etc

JpGU will not be able to use your personal information (ID, name, addresses, etc) for its activities without confirmation of your consent.
In order that the JpGU 2019 Meeting will be organized and held as smoothly as possible without causing inconveniences to you, please take a look at the Revised Privacy Policy and give us your affirmative consent before the abstract submissions start.
Resuming JpGU service to you after suspension of the use of your member information: At the end of October 2018, JpGU suspended the use of personal information who had failed to send us the confirmation and consent to the Revised Privacy Policy (RPP).
We will happily resume our service once we confirm your consent to the RPP. Regretfully, we cannot duplicate the services provided during the suspension period.

Email deliveries: All mail announcements to JpGU ID holders who are yet to consent to the RPP will be suspended including email news or JpGU Meeting 2019 NEWS & INFO. Regretfully, we cannot resend the email announcements sent during the suspension period.

Mail deliveries including JpGU Geoscience Letters (JGL): After the November issue (14-4), JGL will not be mailed to those who have not gave us consents. If you wish to receive the February 2019 issue (15-1) and onwards, please take action to give your consent to RPP by January 15, 2019. Regretfully, we cannot deliver backnumbers published during the suspension period.

Usage of Member information at session proposals and abstract submissions: JpGU Submission System allows for referencing co-authors' information from our member information archive. However, we cannot display names of co-authors who have not gave us the consent to RPP.

Submitters can register co-authors' names, affiliations and addresses directly without utilizing the above referencing system (to allow for co-authors without JpGU IDs).
However, in that case, we cannot list their names in the author names index or such name identification and sorting database system.
Also, input errors made by submitters or who entered the data, cannot be modified.

Abstract submissions start on January 8, 2019.
Please note that in order to utilize JpGU name identification system, JpGU requires your consent to RPP either as author or as co-author of other submissions before their submissions.
JpGU cannot modify unconsented submissions once registered.
Confirmation and consent to the Revised Privacy Policy must be made by the person herself/himself via the JpGU Members System.
JpGU Office cannot process on behalf of you even if you inform us your consenting intent by other methods such as emails or web-forms.