Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019
Sept 3, 2018: Regulation on Abstract Submission Revised
Regulation on Abstract Submission has revised. (ver.5 July 31, 2018)

Main Updates
-The person submitting an abstract must be the first author and presenter.
-A total of up to 5 abstracts may be submitted by the same author including invited presentations.
-The abstract rejection criteria has revised.
-If any technical or other difficulties do not allow for credit card payment procedure, additional administrative fee will be charged for payments other than by credit cards.
-The abstract submission fee is a non-refundable processing fee irrespective of approval of the abstract.

Supporting Notes

-The contributor will automatically be registered as the first author and presenter for the submitting abstract once the submission procedure starts, and this cannot be changed.

-The rule of up to 5 submissions in total by the same author cannot be changed for any reason. Should the need arise for another submission after submitting the maximum number allowed, the contributor may withdraw one submitted abstract to allow another submission. Please note that no refund of the submission fee will be issued if withdraw a paid submission.

-Please double check the content of the abstract you are trying to submit before completing the payment.
Before the payment is made, the abstract can be withdrawn without being charged any fee, however, once it is paid, it is processed and no refund will be issued even it is apparently submitted by mistake.