Space and Planetary Sciences (P)
Session Sub-categoryPlanetary Sciences(PS)
Session IDP-PS01
TitleOuter Solar System Exploration Today, and Tomorrow
Short TitleOuter Solar System Exploration Today, and Tomorrow
Main Convener NameJun Kimura
AffiliationOsaka University
Co-Convener 1NameYasumasa Kasaba
AffiliationPlanetary Plasma and Atmospheric Research Center, Tohoku University
Co-Convener 2NameKunio M. Sayanagi
AffiliationHampton University
Session LanguageE
ScopeThe giant planets provide many keys to understanding planetary processes. They play an important role in shaping our solar system, and the physical and chemical processes they harbor also provide a unique opportunity to study the phenomena relevant for studying Earth and other planets, including exoplanetary systems. In this session, we discuss a wide range of topics encompassing the giant planets and their moons, including their origins, interiors, atmospheres, compositions, surface features, and electromagnetic fields. To advocate for current and future outer planets exploration (Cassini, Juno, New Horizons, JUICE, and beyond), we also call for discussions on future missions to explore giant planet systems, including how to develop better international cooperation. Discussion in this latter category will include progress in developing a solar sail mission concept for observing the Jupiter system and its trojan asteroids.
Presentation FormatOral and Poster presentation
Joint Session withAGU
Invited AuthorsSushil K Atreya (University of Michigan Ann Arbor)
Sean Hsu (University of Colorado Boulder)
Hauke Hussmann (DLR Institute of Planetary Research)
Cheng Li (California Institute of Technology)
Kathleen Mandt (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)
G Provan (University of Leicester)
Yoko Kebukawa (Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University)
Fuminori Tsuchiya (Planetary Plasma and Atmospheric Research Center, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University)
TimePresentation NoTitlePresenterAbstract
Oral Presentation May 27 PM2
15:30 - 15:45PPS01-01Circulation of plasma in the Jupiter's inner magnetosphere revealed from time variation in radial profile of plasma temperature and density obtained by Hisaki/EXCEED observationReina Hikida
15:45 - 16:00PPS01-02Volcanic change of the distribution of Io’s neutral oxygen cloud observed by HisakiRyoichi Koga
16:00 - 16:18PPS01-03New pictures of Jovian magnetosphere obtained from the Hisaki satellite observationFuminori Tsuchiya
16:18 - 16:33PPS01-04Axisymmetric conductivities of Jupiter's middle- and low-latitude ionosphereYuki Nakamura
16:33 - 16:51PPS01-05The magnetospheres of Saturn and Jupiter as viewed by Cassini and JunoG Provan
Oral Presentation May 28 AM1
09:00 - 09:15PPS01-06Radiative transfer simulation including a non-LTE model for terahertz observations of Ganymede's atmosphereTakayoshi Yamada
09:15 - 09:30PPS01-07Vertical Mass Flux by the 2010-2011 Great Storm of SaturnKunio M. Sayanagi
09:30 - 09:48PPS01-08Microwave observations of the giant planets - Cassini/Radar and Juno/MWRCheng Li
09:48 - 10:06PPS01-09Tracing Formation and Evolution of Outer Solar System Bodies through Stable Isotopes and Noble Gas AbundancesKathleen Mandt
10:06 - 10:24PPS01-10Icy Giant Planet ExplorationSushil K Atreya
Oral Presentation May 28 AM2
10:45 - 11:03PPS01-11Saturn's ring rain and Enceladus' subsurface ocean as seen by the Cassini Cosmic Dust AnalyserSean Hsu
11:03 - 11:18PPS01-12Titan Trek: A New Online NASA Visualization and Analysis Portal for Saturn’s Largest MoonEmily Law
11:18 - 11:36PPS01-13Internal structure of icy moons: ice-ocean systems as commonly seen in the outer solar systemHauke Hussmann
11:36 - 11:51PPS01-14Callisto as a keystone to reproduce the formation process of the Jovian systemYasuhito Sekine
11:51 - 12:09PPS01-15Origin of Jupiter Trojan asteroids: To be explored by OKEANOSYoko Kebukawa
Presentation NoTitlePresenterAbstract
Poster Presentation May 28 PM2
PPS01-P01Critical Role of Entry Probes in Giant Planet ExplorationSushil K Atreya
PPS01-P02OKEANOS – Jupiter Trojan Asteroid Rendezvous and Landing Experiments Using a Solar Power SailTatsuaki Okada
PPS01-P03Magnetic field model of Jovian magnetosphereNaoya Momoki
PPS01-P04Enhancement of the Jovian thermospheric temperature above the Great Red Spot based on the infrared spectroscopic data obtained with IRTF/iSHELLAyumu Kambara
PPS01-P05Pulsation-like variation of Jovian infrared polar emission observed by Subaru 8-m: H3+ and methane emissionsYasumasa Kasaba
PPS01-P06Structure of Io plasma torus observed with the Tohoku 60-cm telescopeMasato Kagitani
PPS01-P07Ion Scale Height Variability in Hisaki Io Torus ObservationsNicholas McCord Schneider
PPS01-P08Size of the Smallest Particles in Saturn's RingsKeiji Ohtsuki
PPS01-P09The Radio & Plasma Wave Investigation (RPWI) for JUICE for the investigation of Jupiter and Icy Moons System: Contributions from JapanYasumasa Kasaba
PPS01-P10Magnetic field experiment at Jupiter icy moons (JUICE J-MAG) and in-flight alignment calibrationAyako Matsuoka
PPS01-P11Science targets of the GAnymede Laser Altimeter (GALA) for the JUICE missionJun Kimura
PPS01-P12Current status of the antenna developments, the data processing, scientific target for JUICE/SWI JAPAN.YASUKO KASAI