Session outline
Solid Earth Sciences(S)
Session Sub Category Technology & Techniques(TT)
Session ID S-TT57
Title Synthetic Aperture Radar
Short title SAR
Convener Name Tomokazu Kobayashi
Affiliation Geospatial Information Authority of Japan
Co-convener Name Tsutomu Yamanokuchi
Affiliation Research Department, Remote Sensing Technology Center of JAPAN
International Symposium No request
Language Japanese
Scope Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is one of important observation tools for solid-earth science. ALOS follow-on satellite "ALOS-2" is scheduled to be launched in FY2013, which will open next era of SAR observation. In this session, SAR-based studies (analysis, theory, and application) are widely welcomed, and the advanced researches/techniques and the problems SAR users face are discussed.
Type of presentation Oral and Poster presentation
Invited papers SHIMADA, Masanobu (JAXA)