Session outline
Solid Earth Sciences(S)
Session Sub Category Complex & General(CG)
Session ID S-CG64
Title Geochemistry of fault systems
Short title Geochemistry of fault systems
Convener Name Fumiaki Tsunomori
Affiliation Laboratory for Earthquake Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
Co-convener 1. Name Hidemi Tanaka
Affiliation School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Co-convener 2. Name Masaki Murakami
Affiliation OYO Corporation
International Symposium No request
Language Japanese
Scope Faulting changes environmental conditions, which lead to destabilize chemical bonds in fault systems. Consequently, traces of chemical reactions are observed on fault rocks. This session focuses on topics related to chemical processes from faulting to observations of rocks in fault systems. We welcome presentations on subjects in Seismology, Hydrology, Geochronology fields as well as Geochemistry.
Type of presentation Oral and Poster presentation
Invited papers