Session outline
Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary(M)
Session Sub Category Intersection(IS)
Session ID M-IS23
Title Drilling Earth Science
Short title Drilling Earth Science
Convener Name Yusuke Yokoyama
Affiliation Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Co-convener 1. Name Yasufumi Iryu
Affiliation Institute of Geology and Paleontology
Graduate School of Science
Tohoku University
Co-convener 2. Name Takeshi Tsuji
Affiliation Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
Co-convener 3. Name Yohey Suzuki
Affiliation Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Co-convener 4. Name Keita Umetsu
Affiliation Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
International Symposium No request
Language Japanese
Scope "Earth Drilling Science" session aims to exchange the latest information and scientific achievements in Ocean/Continental drilling projects and to promote the interdisciplinary science. The session covers a wide range of drilling sciences, earth dynamics, environments, and the drilling-related technologies. The overview of the recent IODP cruises will be reported.
Type of presentation Oral and Poster presentation
Invited papers James J. Mori(Kyoto Univ)