Session outline
Human Geosciences(H)
Session Sub Category Geography(GG)
Session ID H-GG02
Title International comparison of landscape appreciation
Short title Landscape appreciation
Convener Name Hajime Matsushima
Affiliation Research Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University
Co-convener 1. Name Norimasa TAKAYAMA
Affiliation Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute in Japan
Co-convener 2. Name Hirofumi Ueda
Affiliation School of Design, Sapporo City University
International Symposium 'International Symposium' in addition to Scientific session.
Language English
Scope Evaluation of landscape has been developed in a variety of fields, such as geography and landscape architecture. Because it is a complex and sophisticated psychological phenomenon, it has not come to share the scientific consensus yet. The aim of this session is intended to discuss the research findings of landscape evaluation in various fields such as geography, geomorphology, landscape planning, architecture, engineering, social sciences, environmental psychology, meteorology, phenology, and so on.
Type of presentation Oral and Poster presentation
Invited papers Elena Petrova (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Daisaku Nishina (Hiroshima University)
Kaoru Saito (University of Tokyo)
Shogo Mizukami (Bukkyo University)
Hiroaki Adachi (Japan Travel Bureau Foundation)