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Japan Geoscience Union fellows 2016

Japan Geoscience Union fellows 2016




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Tohru Araki

For outstanding contributions to the Solar-Terrestrial Physics through studies on the dynamical effects of the solar wind pressure to the magnetosphere, and to the efforts of the Earth and planetary data preservation and access improvement


Masataka Ando

For outstanding contributions to seismology, in particular the study of recurrent large earthquakes due to plate subduction at trenches


Shunso Ishihara

For outstanding contributions to the formation of different types of granites and accompanied ore minerals


Tairo Oshima

For outstanding and pioneering contribution to astrobiology, especially origins and evolution of life in space and extremophiles especially extreme thermophiles


Susumu Kato

For outstanding contributions to theoretical and observational studies of tides and gravity waves in the middle and upper atmosphere


Tsunemasa Saito

For outstanding contributions to Earth Science especially paleontology based on stratigraphy and microfossil studies


Yasuji Saito

For outstanding contributions to the accretionary tectonics of Japan based on the analysis of sedimentary rocks and formations


Toshihiko Shimamoto

For outstanding contributions to fault and earthquake mechanics, in particular the experimental clarification of faulting at seismic slip rates


Shigeko Togashi

For outstanding contributions to volcanic petrology, especially the magma genesis in Northeast Japan Arc using isotope petrology, and to the promotion of gender equality in the earth sciences


Mitsuhiro Toriumi

For outstanding contributions to petrology and mathematical geoscience through novel concepts such as rheology, non-equilibrium and non-linear sciences


Akira Fujiwara

For outstanding contributions to planetary science, especially on the studies of solar system small bodies from high-velocity impact experiments, and to the asteroid mission


Hiroshi Machida

For outstanding contributions to interdisciplinary Quaternary studies, in particular to studies on widespread tephras, tephrochronology, geomorphology, volcanology and archaeology


Takeshi Mikumo

For outstanding contributions to seismology, especially earthquake source mechanism, excitation of high-frequency ground motion, and their application to seismotectonics


Toshifumi Mukai

 For outstanding contributions to the development of space-borne plasma analyzers and the progress in magnetosphere and space plasma physics

(honorific titles are omitted)