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Space and Planetary Sciences

The space and planetary sciences section covers basic research into the properties and dynamics of the planets
(covering the interior, surface, atmosphere and the plasma environment around planets), and the formation and evolution
of our solar system and extrasolar systems. ...further details


Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences
The atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences section covers the study and understanding of various processes occurring in the
atmosphere, oceans, and land surface which affect the earth's environment. These processes and their interactions are
studied over a wide range of time scales ranging from short term weather events to the paleoclimate in order to be able
to better predict the future evolution of the global environment. ...further details


Human Geosciences
The human geosciences are multi-disciplinary sciences concerned with the interactions between human beings and nature and with
issues related to these interactions, such as natural hazards, urban and rural environment, land, water, mineral and energy
resources. These problems are studied by using a combination of field surveys and/or monitoring with data analysis and modeling.
...further details


Solid Earth Sciences
The Solid Earth Sciences section aims to achieve a general and unified understanding of the solid earth system composed of the
crust, mantle and core. In particular it seeks to use geophysical, geological and geochemical approaches to understand the
structure; the composition and states; the past evolution and variations; and the present-day dynamics of the earth.
  ...further details

  ...Solid Earth Sciences Section Web (available in Japanese)


The biogeosciences section aims to understand a number of issues concerning the origin and evolution of life, such as the causes
for mass extinctions and for morphological and genetic biodiversities. Since evolutionary pathways are strongly affected by
environmental change and the environment itself is shaped by a number of geoscientific processes, we seek to gain a comprehensive
understanding by using an interdisciplinary approach combining geoscience with biology.
...further details